Group Leaders

Group Leaders

EuroWorld Holidays and our excellent European partners are experts at guiding even the most savvy European travelers in the proper direction.

Dear group leaders:

I welcome you to my website and an opportunity for you to earn free travel and commissions. I ask that you take the time today to complete the form that is highlighted on this page and to return it back to us so that we are able to best service you and your travelers to Europe. It is very important for us to know you personally, as EuroWorld Holidays, Ltd. is not a one size fits all tour operator/wholesaler for European river cruises and land programs. We customize programs for all of our group leaders according to preferred destinations, themes, interests of the travelers and, of course, with your budget as a guideline.

First of all, free travel can always be earned by working with us. We consider groups to be any number over 10 people traveling together from start to finish without deviations from the established group travel pattern. Communication is extremely important, so you must let us know your specific needs for your program during the initial planning stage:

  • How many fees to be earned or costed into the program?
  • Hotel classifications?
  • Preferred destinations?
  • Favorite river to cruise on?
  • How many meals to include?

Usually, a hotel and/or river cruise line provides a free room or cabin beginning with 20 or more paying. We always negotiate with hotels and river cruise lines for better tour leader conditions, as well as for better rates. We educate our group leaders from A to Z, in order for them to take advantage of any and all opportunities that might present themselves during the process. Because doing business the same old way will keep you from opening new doors and enjoying better experiences. We ask that you consider carefully how we need to do business.

What about commissions? Well, as you are the proverbial pied piper for your merry band of travelers, there may be times when obtaining minimum group numbers are not always possible. This is where your 2, 4, 6 or 8 people who want to do their own thing can still be profitable for you. We are willing to discuss paid commissions to you for referrals and for helping us to sell special theme programs offered by our current group travel clients. We encourage you to make your valuable connections and your many years of travel experience pay off.

I also ask that you visit the Travel Professionals page. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is primarily designed for travel industry professionals (travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, etc.) but I strongly feel that many group leaders, especially those with international travel experience, are able to understand and flourish under similar conditions. We encourage you to work with us on your groups through your host agencies who will be able to provide your travelers with airline tickets and to make scheduled payments to us for land programs and/or river cruises.

To begin your journey as a group leader, start by filling out the registration form.

Should you require contact names, phone numbers and information on EuroWorld Holidays past customers and from travel industry notables, they will be provided upon request. My partners and I want to thank you for your interest and we certainly look forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards,

Larry Voelker
President of EuroWorld Holidays, Ltd.