Group FAQs

Group Leaders – FAQs

EuroWorld Holidays works with your group to make their European trip the most memorable ever. Together, all as equal partners with my reliable European and river cruise suppliers, we design a special program that takes into account the most important destinations, experiences and budget.

Land program questions:

River cruise questions:

Why choose EuroWorld Holidays, Ltd?

  •  Sells & markets for 3 experienced European-based river cruise lines that own & operate their own ships for an international clientele.
  • Specializes in matching the perfect European river cruise format with each group client.
  • Offers group clients a variety of over 1400 departures with over 150 different cruise itineraries for 3-17 day programs on 43 modern first-class and deluxe ships that sail on 11 different European river systems.
  • Handily beats the prices of the American-based river cruise lines & tour operators.
  • Has negotiated the best group terms & conditions with a progressive payment schedule.
  • Guarantees the most attentive & knowledgable service to our group cruise clients.
  • Utliizes the destination expertise of our 12 local ground agent partners, all of whom are conveniently located along the major European river systems throughout continental Europe.
  • Customizes exclusive pre- and/or post-cruise land programs according to each group’s specifications.
  • Even if you didn’t buy your river cruise from us this time around, we will customize an exclusive land program specifically designed for your group.

Why enhance your program with a special event?

With enough advance notice, EuroWorld Holidays, Ltd. and our European partners, are often able to secure tickets to various special events, including:

  • opera performances in several cities
  • traveling art exhibitions
  • special sporting events
  • international music festivals

These tickets must be purchased in conjunction with group land and/or river cruise programs.

Also note that literally hundreds of celebrations – both local and regional – take place in central Europe every year. Depending on your group’s special interests, we can provide you with a more detailed listing of event information on a country-by-country basis for your particular program. Since our European ground partners are specialists within their regions, we are all able to work together, as a team, to produce the desired results for your specific group. It is then our job to organize your group program so that your travelers are able to fully participate in these events.

Why do business with EuroWorld Holidays, Ltd?

We give you an opportunity to work directly with 12 of the top professional central European ground agents/DMC’s (Destination Management Companies) and 5 European-based river cruise companies. The DMC’s customize all group itineraries and specialize in operating senior tours, corporate incentives and meetings, ad hoc and affinity groups, at a competitive price within their locality and their areas of expertise.

How would our relationship work on a logistics basis?

When organizing a group program with us, you would talk initially with EuroWorld Holidays to set up a sample itinerary. I would consult with my DMC partners and they would come back with suggestions on how to make the program flow better, or to make it less expensive. Once an itinerary is agreed upon, we would initiate costing procedures and get back to you with a formal proposal in writing with dates, rates and specific program inclusives. When we have reached an agreement in principal, a contract would be written by my DMC partner and sent directly to your travel company. A signed copy would be returned with the stipulated deposit amount, if needed, directly to that DMC. All payments are made directly to them and I act as a troubleshooter, until the program operates. It is important to note that there will be no more than one or two expert travel organizers, at the most, that you will have relations with at each DMC’s headquarters office. All organizers speak fluent English and they are prepared to communicate with you by phone, fax and/or email.

How formal is this relationship? How do I pay?

There is generally a reasonable amount of flexibility with deposits and scheduled payments, depending on the hotels and availability. The most important point in a solid business relationship is honesty and communication.

All land program quotations are made only in guaranteed local European currencies, usually the Euro, and the Swiss franc, when in Switzerland. This financial arrangement minimizes your prices and maximizes your profits. In some instances, special payments can be made in U.S. dollars and converted into the applicable local European currency by the DMC partner through their bank. This is the next best method of payment. We always discourage exchanging U.S. dollars into European currency with your local banks primarily due to the fact that exchange rates in the U.S. are not competitive. EuroWorld Holidays can also recommend trusted companies that will assist you with checks and/or bank wire transfers in European currencies. We can also discuss with you, at length, the financial benefits at your disposal when you are willing to take currency exchange responsibilities. After all, why pay a large multinational land operator up to 20% extra, just to be your European banker. That makes no financial sense at all. Plus, you can put as much commission as you want onto these noncommissionable prices as the programs are customized for you and they are not published in any brochure.

What hotels are used? How do you work with them?

We usually give you a choice of booking 3-5 star hotels. They could include; superior tourist class (when applicable), first class and/or deluxe hotels for your group programs. We always recommend that they be centrally located in and around the city centers, unless otherwise specified. We will also try to recommend properties that we consider to be “good values”. My DMC partners know all their local hotels intimately, both good and bad.

It is also worth noting that EuroWorld Holidays and our ground operator partners make quotations only when we are holding confirmed hotel space (specific number of rooms and exact dates only). If hotel rooms are not available during your preferred dates, we will suggest flexibility. EuroWorld Holidays encourages date flexibility, whenever possible, in order to allow our ground operator partners the opportunity to negotiate better than published group hotel rates on your behalf. Once dates are confirmed, you can be confident that your group is positively booked. We do not use bait and switch tactics, as is often used by many large multinational land operators. This questionable ploy allows them to switch your guaranteed hotel to another less interesting property within their specified price categories. These changes will cost you more money in the long run, and it will often make you look bad in front of your group customers.

When do I meet the DMC’s? Do they do sales calls here?

As previously discussed, an introduction to my ground operators is usually made after initial deposits are received and the contract has been signed between your group travel company and my local European DMC partner. A formal introduction can also be made earlier in the process, if agreeable to all parties.

Many of my DMC partners can be found exhibiting at incentive trade shows around the country. They also visit major cities during the year making personal sales calls. Any incentive house, group travel company or tour operator that is interested in meeting one of my DMC partners should contact me directly and I will advise them of your interest in discussing a possible working relationship.

EuroWorld Holidays utilizes our own area of expertise while facilitating communication and ideas between group travel companies, like yours, and my ground operator partners. When we all come to agreement on your group program, they get your business.

What other information & services are provided?

  • How to use European tourist offices as providers of valuable free information. This could include; city and country maps, brochures, listings of special events, local specialty products and savvy travel tips.
  • Scheduling of videos, CD’s and/or slide show presentations to your group, or potential group gatherings, that, when combined with practical travel tips, will allow your group participants to feel more comfortable and confident during their upcoming European travel experiences. Photos from our personal collection of slides are available to print on brochures and websites.
  • Extensive files and practical personal travel information on various central European destinations, trains, river cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, museums, upcoming events, local specialty products, souvenirs, etc.
  • Opportunity to partner, or possibly, sell into, various programs with other EuroWorld group travel clients. We will recommend appropriate exchange rates and commission levels to facilitate individual buy-ins.
  • I have had extensive personal European travel experience since 1981, as well as in organizing European group travel since 1985 for students, leisure tours, religious pilgrimages, congresses, conventions, corporate meetings and incentives.

What European countries & destinations are covered?

EuroWorld DMC partners are based in the following locations:

Paris, France
Specializing in Paris, cruises on the Seine River, Normandy, the Loire Valley and the Ile-de-France. As this partner used to work with a major European land operator, it is also possible to arrange motorcoach tours that would cover the entire country of France. Creativity, excellent hotel contacts and an intimate knowledge of Paris make them exceptional partners.

Lyon, France
Specializing in the Saone/Rhone River region, barge and river cruises, wine tours from Beaujolais and Burgundy, to the Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf-du-Pape region. Lyon is their home base but they can also operate programs in Provence, Nice/Monte Carlo and Geneva, Switzerland, among others.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Specializing in all parts of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. An extremely innovative DMC partner that can arrange anything from brewery tours to visiting tulip fields to elegant evening functions to excursions through various World War I and World War II sites.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Specializing in programs to Switzerland and Italy for coach tours, FITS, incentives and corporate meetings. Always very “can do” and extremely efficient. This partner can organize train tours through Switzerland, castle dinners, golf outings and private dinner cruises on the beautiful Swiss mountain lakes. They can also arrange coach tours through central Europe out of the Zurich and Geneva international airport gateways.

Prague, The Czech Republic
Specializing in group programs in the beautiful city of Prague, the spa towns and the wonderfully quaint villages in the Czech countryside. They can organize tours to crystal glass factories and to the world-renowned breweries of the country.

Vienna, Austria
They also have a branch office in Salzburg. Specializing in programs to Vienna, the Danube River area and Salzburg. They can also arrange formal dinner parties in the beautiful castles and palaces located in and around Vienna, opera tickets, and wine tastings in the Wachau region.

Budapest, Hungary
Specializing in travel programs in Budapest and throughout Hungary. Their high quality is only exceeded by their excellent prices and their great relationships with the local hotels. Their local DMC partners in places like Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania allow travelers to be confident in organizing extension programs into these lesser-traveled areas.

Munich, Germany
Specializing in land programs in southern and western Germany, as well as, parts of the surrounding countries. This DMC is an excellent land operator for coach tours extending throughout central Europe from the Frankfurt and/or the Munich gateway. They also work with tickets and corresponding land programs for groups to the Oberammergau Passion Play.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
This new DMC partner for EuroWorld Holidays is based in one of the most beautiful cities in southern Europe. They are extremely versatile as they are able to operate group programs in all of Croatia from Istria to Zagreb to Plitvice, and south along the coast to their home office in Dubrovnik. All of the republics of ex-Yugoslavia can be visited with their expert assistance. We encourage our groups to consider tours through Slovenia (Bled and Ljubljana), Bosnia-Herzogovina (Mostar and Sarajevo), Serbia (Belgrade and Novi Sad) and into the up and coming destination of Montenegro. We also work with this DMC on 7 night cruises along Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast from Rijeka to Kotor Bay and back to Rijeka.

What river cruise companies do you represent? Why are they so exceptionally priced?

First of all, I currently work with 3 major European-based river cruise companies on a group basis, and for anyone interested in a full charter program, I also have additional contacts at other river cruise lines.

When you contact EuroWorld Holidays, you will need to provide me with detailed information on your potential group program. This would include the following; the preferred period of time that your group wants to travel; which river and routing is most interesting; the minimum and maximum number of expected travelers; the budget range that you need to fit into; your preferred number of days on board the ship, plus, if needed, potential land arrangements on a pre- and/or post-cruise basis. I take all this important information into consideration, examine the ships from the 3 cruise lines that I work with on a regular basis and then look for the best match for your group. When the search is completed, we send the information to the travel company and/or group leader for their review. We are prepared for your questions, revisions and comments. Once the final itinerary is approved, we move on to pricing the program.

The cruise prices are so exceptional for many of the same reasons that our land programs are:

  • We eliminate the currency markup differential and allow you to earn additional revenue by accepting the currency exchange responsibilities, as our prices are quoted in Euros. (Any pre-cruise and/or post cruise land programs to Switzerland are priced in Swiss francs.)
  • By working with European-based river cruise companies that do not have major sales and marketing offices in the U.S., you are eliminating the large bureaucracies that force the major U.S.-based cruise lines to charge excessive amounts of money to your group for their services. These are totally unnecessary expenses for your group’s purposes.
  • Finally, our “hardware”- better known among the traveling public as river cruise ships – match up very well against our competitors on a first class basis, and especially with the “deluxe ships” that are offered by the American river cruise lines. Minor differences, however, do exist when comparing routes and services that are offered on board, as each ship and cruise line have different policies and inclusives.

Another of our advantages over our competition is that port taxes are already included in our cruise prices. This saves your group a lot of money. Also note that tours from the ship are offered on an optional basis. Or we can cost them into the program on a group basis, it’s your choice. We can discuss these tour options and then you can make an informed decision on what works best for your program.

It is a disadvantage, especially on a pricing basis, to be talked into a “one size fits all” approach. Your group does have choices in the marketplace. After all, if it’s the same river and the same destinations all along the way, why pay twice as much for a similar ship and a comparable program.

When should our group begin planning for an upcoming European river cruise?

It is best to start planning for upcoming group programs shortly after January 1, the year prior to when your group wants to travel. In other words, anywhere from 15-22 months out. Many of the European-based cruise lines begin finalizing their next year’s schedules in late January/early February. By this time, they have already issued contracts for the majority of their charter customers and they have probably satisfied the date demands for their major tour operator partners who plan multiple departure programs.

Usually, by mid-February, or shortly thereafter, they are ready to take firm requests for groups that are interested in a single cruise departure. As you can imagine, the longer you wait to put in your request, the more competition there is for the best dates, your preferred itinerary and for the newest ships. Please review the specifics of the river cruise description and information for each group package.